JOIN US and JUMP INTO THE EXCITING WORLD of CROCHET on the Best Possible Footing:  trying your hand while learning the lingo in English, you instantly enter a realm of almost unlimited possibilities.  On Youtube alone, you’ll find an infinity of patterns and stunning stitches with step-by-step tutorials; more videos to perfect techniques for truly polished pieces that all your friends will envy and desire.


These workshops will incorporate a few selected Youtube videos, which we will follow, yarn and hook in hand, stopping and starting under personalized guidance till you have mastered each objective.


The themes we aim to cover in our first session are:  Chain, Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet, and Foundation Single Crochet.  Our project uses only those techniques, and is both beautiful and practical:  the Earth Fairy Button Cowl.


Those buttons can be re-positioned into different spaces as one wears the cowl into a spring evening out.  O bé, a l’estiu, quan canvies de l’exterior a una varietat d’interiors amb temperatures imprevisibles, aquest coll t’ajudarà a adaptar-te.


Hauràs teixit aquest coll amb les teves mans, alhora millorant i consolidant el teu anglès d’una manera agradable i diferent. Hauràs après vocabulari bàsic del ganxet per a desprès anar incorporant tècniques per a crear noves textures i formes.


Tallerista:  Lissa Burkholder

Divendres 5 d’abril  de 17 a 20 hores.

Material:   100 g (1 cabdell) de Mondial Picasso   Ganxet no. 4. Inclòs en el preu.


Preu:         25 €